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Overcoming Adult Acne With Highly Effective Acne Treatments

If you lived with acne as a teenager—even if you breezed through unscathed—you may be surprised (or horrified) to find that it’s back. Adult acne is very different than teenage acne, and it has nothing to do with how well you are washing your face, or how much chocolate you are eating, so you can tell Aunt Margaret to leave you alone! Acne treatments in Belfast are easily available, but you must be aware of some common myths and realities about this problem.

Would you like to know some common myths about adult acne? Many of these may sound familiar:

  • Many people assume that stress causes acne, but this is a myth. There are no scientific studies to prove this.
  • You may hear that you should stop using sunscreen because it activates adult acne. This is also a myth—but it helps to choose the right sunscreen (choose one with zinc oxide instead). Besides, you’re better off without melanoma, right?
  • Acne sufferers are often told to stop wearing makeup. Again, it’s all about which makeup you choose. Loose mineral powders are actually very soothing to the skin.
  • People with acne assume they need high-priced facial cleansers. Now, this is a result of great advertising, and not really based on fact. A dermatologist can help you choose the cleansers that are right for your skin type and those cleansers may very well come from the pharmacy.
  • Others think that the only to rid yourself of acne is to wait for it to go away. This is a mistake because the longer you leave the situation, the more chance there is for permanent scarring. There are a number of treatments for adult acne; and they work.

You’re not a teenager anymore, and it’s time to look into an adult treatment that can rid you of your acne once and for all.

How to Select the Right Acne Treatment in Belfast from a Skincare Expert

Years ago, you would have been told to keep off the potato chips and scrub your face thoroughly, frequently. Today we know a lot more about why some people develop acne at different periods of their lives, and what to do to effectively treat it.

Not all treatments are equal, but all acne has its roots in the same bodily function—the production of hormones and hormone fluctuations. Those hormone fluctuations stimulate oil production, which does its work of gathering particles in the air and from things it touches to cause acne.

Some questions to ask your skincare doctor and acne treatment Belfast centre:

1. Do I need medication for my acne, or can I use a home remedy to treat it?
2. What type of medication do you recommend and what are the possible side effects?
3. Are there medicines I should not be taking with my acne treatment?
4. How should I be caring for my acne at home to make it go away?
5. What steps can I implement to prevent further breakouts?

Any treatment will depend on the type and severity of your acne, but your skincare professional should be able to explain what will work best and tell you how to care for your skin to prevent future problems. A reliable acne treatment Belfast centre will take care of the problem in a professional, effective manner so you can stop tossing around between various trial and error methods.


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