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Tattoo Removal - Safe, Effective and Affordable

Posted by: Laserase Medical Posted Date: 03/15/2013
If that large tattoo on your back has gradually lost its appeal or has gone out of fashion, tattoo removal in Belfast is an effective solution.  If the name of your ex on your arm is causing friction with your new partner, we can help with that too.  Tattoos, at the time, always seem like a good idea, but we can become bored with them or they may cause problems with relationships or work. 

We offer the most effective method of tattoo removal Northern Ireland can offer and can help with large colourful tattoos or the smallest one colour tattoo.  Because tattoo ink is injected under a number of layers of skin, tattoo removal creams or other methods are ineffective.  They may cause the tattoo to fade slightly but this can actually make the tattoo look worse.  Our laser tattoo removal in Belfast gets deep down to the lowest layer and breaks up the ink completely.  Over a number of sessions your tattoo will start to fade and then disappear completely. 

Any Tattoo, Any Location - We Can Remove It Safely


No matter where your tattoo is situated, we can remove it for you.  Our laser tattoo removal system is relatively painless. We offer complete peace of mind with our accreditations and years of experience and can show you many success stories and before and after photos. 

Your unwanted tattoo will be expertly targeted by the laser whilst surrounding skin is untouched.  It will take a series of treatments to break the tattoo ink down completely, but you will be encouraged by the results from the very first session.  If you are worried about the pain from the laser, don’t be.  Our patients tell us that each pulse of light is similar to a small snap of a rubber band on the skin.  Following treatment you may experience some redness and a little soreness but this will fade.  We will also advise you to use a high factor sunscreen to protect the new skin that has been exposed from sun damage. 

Say Goodbye to Embarrassing Tattoos


Tattoos are no longer permanent thanks to our laser tattoo removal in Belfast.  We have helped countless patients to live a fuller life, expose more of their body without embarrassment or to have a complete redesign of a new tattoo in the same place.  We would be delighted to tell you more about our tattoo removal services in Belfast and to show you some of our portfolio photos. 

To find out more about tattoo removal from the experts at Laserase in Belfast, give our team a call today.  We can tell you all you need to know and book you in for your first session.  Call now or contact us through our online form.

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