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Epilight System of Hair Removal


Epilight or laser hair removal is gaining popularity in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The procedure suits both men and women who suffer from unwanted hair on their face, underarms, earlobes, nose, neck, shoulders, abdomen, bikini line, legs or arms. Laser hair removal, though costlier than traditional hair removal methods, finds acceptance among Belfast residents mainly because laser treatment provides them with a permanent hair removal solution.

Epilight hair removal system uses a flash of pulsed light to safely remove the hair from its follicle. Once the laser light falls on a follicle, it completely dies out, so there is no chance of further hair growth on that area. Laser hair removal procedure is also attractive to people in Belfast as it is non-invasive and less painful compared to other cosmetic procedures. More importantly, laser hair removal gives you the confidence that your body is always clean and you don’t need to attend to it on a regular basis. In today’s busy schedule, people have less time to attend to their body, so permanent hair removal therapies like laser treatment are a boon to them.

Though laser hair removal removes the hair permanently from your body, don’t expect that you get every hair on your body removed by this treatment. The result of a laser skin therapy may vary from one patient to the other. It depends on the colour of the skin, colour of the hair, size of the hair, and also the alignment of the hair. Popular laser hair removal clinics in Belfast claim they can remove most of the hair successfully using laser techniques. If any fine hair remains – usually the ones with lighter shades – that can be removed through electrolysis. In these cases, laser hair removal may be combined with electrolysis hair removal procedure. Most people who have undergone laser hair removal procedure will also have to visit the clinic 1-2 times a year for a touch-up treatment to get complete makeover on their skin.

If you are preparing for laser hair removal in Belfast, you must also get an estimate on the average cost of the treatment. In fact, the cost of the treatment depends on a number of factors such as the area to be treated, the color the hair, frequency of treatments, and history of temporary hair removal methods adopted, if any.  Different types of laser beams are used to treat skins with different tones. The procedure and the cost of hair removal process vary accordingly. It is also important to identify the best skin care professional or beautician in Belfast who can identify your unique requirements and suggest the treatments accordingly.

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