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Skincare Treatments For Him Belfast

Skincare Treatments For Him


It may surprise you to learn that over 40% of our clients are men.  All of our services are unisex, although some of our services are more popular with the men! 


Botox is not just for women!  Botox is not only used as a cosmetic facial treatment to actively control, reduce and smooth lines and wrinkles, but is also just as effective at alleviating excessive underarm sweating for example.  Excessive perspiration is a common problem for a lot of men, most of whom do not realise how simple the solution is. 

Tattoo Removal

Often tattoos result in huge regrets for lots of men, especially in later life.  In past years, tattoo removal would have required a procedure such as surgical excision, skin grafting or dermabrasion, but you will be glad to learn that things have radically changed!  Our tattoo removal treatments are carried out using our state of the art Q-switched ruby laser which breaks down the tattoo pigment present under the skin.  This procedure disperses the tattoo into smaller, faded fragments.  Following treatment, the body's natural defence mechanisms can then take over to remove the smaller particles gradually.

Hair Removal

Millions of men suffer from unwanted, excessive or unsightly body hair and again, do not realise how simple and effective the modern treatments available are.  Now at Laserase, Epilight removes unwanted hair with a flash of light: the system uses pulsed light to safely remove hair and impair hair regrowth in quick and easy treatments.  The most common treatment areas in men are the face, neck, ears, back and chest.  Laser hair removal is quick and convenient with long lasting results!

Stretch Marks

A laser procedure is also available as a treatment for unsightly stretch marks.  This treatment stimulates the production of new collagen which thickens the skin of stretch marks to make it blend with the surrounding skin, also improving discolouration in the skin – the results are very impressive!

Birthmarks / Pigmentation

When it comes to the removal/treatment of birthmarks or other skin conditions, the treatment will depend on the severity/location etc. of the marks.  For procedures like this, the expertise and knowledge of the expert carrying out the procedure is far more important than any other factors.  An expert dermatological diagnosis and correct assessment is vital to ensure the correct actions are taken.  

The medical team at Laserase Medical Skincare Clinic is headed up by Dr.Donal McKeown, who has over 16 years of experience with medical lasers and is an expert in his field.  If you would like any further information on the full range of treatments we offer, or if you would like to arrange a quick consultation, please feel free to get in touch.

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