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Lipo Injections


Simply melting fat away by injection-a fascinating idea discovered by Dr. Rittes-a Brazilian dermatologist. The new Lipodissolve injection works on double chins, jowls, lower bottom/thighs, upper & lower tummy, fat bulges under shoulder/arm joints, upper arms, knees & backs. It is also being heralded as the first treatment to permanently remove stubborn pockets of cellulite-a problem for many women.

How does it work?

Phosphatidylcholine (PPT), a substance derived from soyabeans, is injected below the skin's surface to destroy fat cells. PPT first made headlines in 1959 as a drug proven to lower cholesterol by emulsifying fat cells and helping the body break down fat. It was also discovered that used intravenously PPT could eliminate potentially fatal fat embolisms-little clots entering the bloodstream, often after a fracture, when fat from inside the bone comes free.

It was not until 1996 that the drug was first used as a cosmetic treatment for excess fat. Early clinical trials saw PPT dissolve not only fat, but the surrounding cell membrane as well, thus destroying the total fat cell.

Doctors warn however that the lipodissolve injection is no miracle drug for weight loss; rather a remedy for fatty deposits that refuse to budge, despite your best efforts in the gym. In fact, a person who wants lipodissolve could in some cases, be advised to lose weight before a doctor will administer injections.

How many treatments?

This varies from person to person, depending on injection site and body size. The average person will require 2-4 sessions of injections at 5-week intervals, during which time the fat is broken down and eliminated in the urine.

Are there side effects?

Multiple injections are required. Temporary side effects include some redness, swelling and muscle ache-like discomfort, and in some case haematoma. After a few days, discomfort at the treated area will have disappeared. It is crucial to drink lots of water following treatment.

Dr. Donal McKeown is a member of Network-Lipolysis-an international association of physicians licensed to perform lipodissolve injections.

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