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Laserase provide services depending on all skin types


There are five basic skin types:

1. Normal skin
2. Dry skin
3. Oily skin
4. Combination skin and
5. Sensitive skin.

There is an easy way to determine your skin type. All you need is a piece of clean tissue to wipe your face with. When you wake up in the morning wipe your face with the clean tissue and observe the result.

For those with normal skin, the oil does not come on the paper and your face does not feel tight or flaky. Normal skin is supple, lively, vibrant and elastic.

If you have no oil on the tissue but the skin is left too tight or stretched with a feeling or dryness that indicates dry skin.

If your skin is oily then there would be oil on the tissue which is seen as transparent spots. The oil comes out usually from the nose, forehead and cheek parts.

If there is oil only in the center part of the face (forehead and nose) then it is a combination skin.

For people having sensitive skin the skin tends to be tight, blotchy and reacts to new skin-care products by becoming red, itchy or even inflamed.

If you need help to identify your skin type please feel free to ask our help during your visit.


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