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Excellent, friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable staff. Dr McKeown is highly skilled in cosmetic medicine and as such, he will provide you with an honest and professional opinion based on his years of training and experience. More importantly he is a true professional , polite and considerate, making you feel at ease, giving enough time at every appointment to deal with any questions and anxieties you may have.I am delighted with the results of my treatment and can highly recommend Laerase  but don’t take my word for it - try them and see...



I have been attending Laserase for tattoo removal since last year and have found the clinic to be very professional with great customer care. They not only remove the tattoo but also take great care to look after the skin - unlike other places which I had previously visited. I am so glad I found laserase and would recommend them to anyone! Thank You Laserase!



Fabulous clinic! I started attending Laserase a few months ago for laser hair removal and all i can say is WOW! The staff are so professional and best of all, the results of the treatment have been amazing! I only wish i had started it sooner.



I have been attending Laserase Medical Skincare clinic for Sculptra and Radiesse. The difference I see and feel in my skin is fabulous. I only regret that I didn’t start attending the clinic sooner.

Iris. North Belfast


I have been attending Laserase Medical Skincare clinic for a number of years for various procedures. DrMcKeown is very experienced in his field of medicine and he is highly professional. He advises which procedures he feels you will benefit from and really puts you at ease. The staff at the clinic are friendly, professional and discreet. I would highly recommend Laserase.

Elizabeth. South Belfast


If you don’t want surgery, and creams and lotions are not doing what they claim to do, can I suggest you visit Laserase in Belfast. Excellent staff who are very welcoming, very informative and reassuring, putting you at your ease from your first visit. Dr McKeown is very skilled and experienced in his field, his professionalism and personal attention to detail instill great confidence.

My consultation was very through and informative. Dr McKeown’s honesty ensured that any treatments recommended were based on need – not financially driven. Visit Laserase if only for advice and a chat, there is no hard sell. Worth a visit but I bet you return! I highly recommend Laserase.

Siobhan. Lisburn


Since giving birth to my eldest child (who is now 23), I suffered terribly with hyper-pigmentation (dark marks on my skin). I was told by my GP that it was a maternity mask caused by hormonal change during pregnancy. I bought all the over-the-counter products to lighten these areas, but nothing worked.

I was introduced to the OBAGI products by Dr Donal McKeown at Laserase Medical Skin Care Clinic. Not joking, within 6 weeks of starting the products I could see a change in my skin tone. The darker areas were definitely fading. I continued to use the full regime for several months until I was happy with my skin. I can now actually ANSWER MY DOOR without having first plastered makeup over my patchy skin!

Small things like not having to worry about wearing makeup if I don't want to, have simply changed my life. I still use OBAGI products, I wouldn't, to be honest consider using anything else - as I proved - nothing else worked!



I first heard about Laserase from a friend in Belfast who had gone along for tattoo removal. I have been plagued by acne since about the age of 14, which has been a blot on my teenage years.

I was 18 when I attended Laserase. Dr McKeown drew up a programme of treatment for me, including microdermabrasion, N-Lite and peels, and I have never looked back.

The journey from Dublin every couple of months is worth the fabulous result. Lovely Skin! I can't believe it. It has been life changing. I simply can't thank Dr McKeown and his team enough. Now 19, I can lead a normal life without the worry of constantly trying to camouflage my zits.

Orla Q. Dublin


My life was pretty unbearable before I discovered Laserase. I had to shave my face every morning and again in the evening if I was going out. I had never dated because I was so self conscious. I had no confidence and my self esteem was rock bottom.

A friend had heard about Laserase and the success of its treatment to remove unwanted hair. I have to say Laserase has changed my life! Until going there I had tried everything from hair removal creams to electrolysis and bleaching, but nothing worked until I had epilight treatment. My skin for the first time is smooth and hair free. I am a new woman!

I feel I also have to mention the team at Laserase. They are friendly, professional but also discreet.

All in all my decision to go to Laserase was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Andrea M. Glengormley