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Acne / Rosacea


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Around 85% of young people will suffer from acne to some extent during adolescent years and unfortunately may continue to be affected into adult life. Living in an image obsessed world, sufferers of acne may experience problems of low self-esteem or depression.

However, N-Lite is a breakthrough treatment of acne which has caused a stir in the medical world. It is described as the most significant advancement in acne treatment and offers hope for thousands of sufferers, and it is available at Laserase Medical Skincare Clinic.

One of the causes of acne is hormonal changes. For example, when a child reaches puberty, the levels of androgens or male hormones will increase. This in turn may cause the sebaceous glands (which are present in the hair follicle) to secret sebum. During puberty, skin cells in the follicle shed and mix with the sebum, causing a blockage in the follicle. This can lead to inflammation and acne lesions such as: pimples, blackheads, nodules and cysts.

Dr Tony Chu, Professor of Dermatology at Hammersmith Hospital in London states that ‘N-Lite is the biggest breakthrough in acne treatment in 20 years’.