Are you vain about veins?

Planning a winter holiday or wanting to finally clear those unsightly leg veins for next Summer? If the answer is yes – now is the best time of year to begin treatment!

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Lasers have long been the choice of treatment to reduce and clear unwanted leg veins. Today’s lasers are even more efficient and effective than ever before. At Laserase, we use the M22 – the ‘Ferrari’ of all laser machines.

Here are a few things you need to know about laser treatment for leg veins:

Laser treatment will target veins, specifically.

This means they are tuned to treat the tones of red, blue and purple specific to leg veins. Therefore, surrounding skin is relatively untouched – bonus!

Leg veins clear – GRADUALLY.

From the very first pulse, veins respond. Small veins may blanche and larger veins may temporarily darken – all very positive results. On average, a few sessions, two months apart are required. Some may clear in the first session and some may take more treatments to completely disappear.

Lasers work best on un-tanned skin.

At a very basic level, laser settings are distinguished by skin colours. The more tanned or darker your skin tone is, the more difficult it is for lasers to distinguish unwanted spider veins. With all laser treatments, clients are cautioned to avoid tanning before, between and immediately after the treatment. This minimises the risk of adverse effects and maximises the outcome. It also protects your investment in your laser treatment.

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