Choosing the Right Treatment for Thread Vein Removal in Belfast

Although generally harmless, thread-thin discolorations, thread veins are not pretty. They detract from smooth, clear skin and they look like bruising under the skin. Thread veins appear as red, blue, or purple thread-like veins and they can develop on any part of the body. The condition is associated with increased pressure on the veins, and so they often develop on the legs where legs are crossed, for example. For thread vein removal in Belfast, you should rely on a professional centre that employs medically trained skincare experts.

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Thread veins are not harmful to a patient’s health and they are not associated with any symptoms of dangerous illnesses like heart disease. They are, however, a disfigurement that many people wish to have cosmetically removed.

No one knows why some people develop thread veins and some don’t but genetics are likely a factor. They are superficial to the skin and usually smaller than varicose veins, but because they are dark and close to the surface they are more easily noticed.

Getting rid of them is often desired and the gold-standard treatment is laser therapy for several reasons:

  • It lasts longer and is far more effective than topical treatments.
  • It doesn’t require drugs to be injected in your system.
  • There is very little downtime to the treatment and very little recovery time.
  • There are very few side effects except some soreness that wears off quickly.

Thread vein removal does not have to be an expensive or complicated procedure. Laser treatment for thread veins typically takes only 15-30 minutes (depending on the size of the treatment area) and patients see dramatic improvements after just one treatment. Patients can usually return to work or their daily routine immediately.

A laser treatment for thread veins means that the vessel is broken down and it is simply reabsorbed into the body and eliminated naturally. Laser treatment for removing thread veins can be applied to all areas of the body—even knees and ankles that are difficult to treat with other therapies. No bandages are necessary and the sensation is similar to the snapping of a rubber band on the skin in the treated areas. It’s not 100% painless, but it’s very quick and nearly painless; plus the marginal pain experienced is momentary.

Laser Therapy for Effective Thread Vein Removal

Gone are the days when you simply had to live with thread veins or spider veins. With a flash of light, unwanted and unsightly veins can be effectively eliminated from the arms, face, legs, ankles, feet or anywhere thread veins exist on your body. Laser thread vein removal is a safe, effective and affordable procedure.

Laser therapy is a highly effective, non-invasive treatment that uses pulses of light to treat many vascular conditions, including thread veins. It can be used to eliminate discolorations beneath the skin without injections or surgery, and there is virtually no downtime with the procedure. You can return to work and quickly resume regular activities immediately after your treatment, so it’s a breeze to schedule. Make sure you visit a medical laser treatment centre for your thread vein removal.


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