How To Give Skin a Second Chance

If you are bored with or regretting your tattoo you might be considering tattoo removal in Belfast. But how easy are tattoos to remove and how do you go about arranging treatment?

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Tattoo removal and the process involved all depends on the size, type and colour of the tattoo.  Whilst there are many creams that claim they can remove tattoos, these are very often ineffective and simply fade the tattoo a little.  Other methods involve burning or incisions and these can cause severe pain and scars.

Reasons to opt for laser tattoo removal in Belfast:

  • It is a safe and effective alternative to creams and other removal methods
  • Treatment is relatively pain free
  • The results are permanent – once your tattoo is removed, it is gone forever

Whether you once had a single-colour tattoo or a Technicolor masterpiece, laser tattoo removal is the answer and you could start your treatment right away.

To schedule an appointment for tattoo removal, call our Belfast clinic on 028 9077 7772.

The Process and What to Expect

The first part of the procedure is to analyse the tattoo to determine whether laser treatment is suitable. The tattoo colours, the density and size are all major factors in the tattoo removal process and it is essential that you speak to a trained tattoo removal specialist.

Laser tattoo removal is safe, effective and can produce some outstanding results, even with large, colour tattoos.  The laser beam used is designed to pass through the skin and to disintegrate the tattoo ink into small particles.  Once the tattoo ink has been broken up, it is disposed of by the body’s immune system and passed out of the body in the same way as any other foreign object.  And it really is as simple as that.  The number of treatments you will need will differ from person to person.

The laser treatment itself may cause a slight stinging sensation but  the stinging will be minimal, if felt at all.  You might also notice a little discolouration of the skin, but this should fade or return to normal skin tone after a few months.  Immediately after the treatment you will experience some redness and we always advise our patients to wear a high factor sunscreen whilst the skin is recovering.

At Laserase, we have seen many different tattoos and have provided our clients with safe, effective and permanent tattoo removal Northern Ireland wide.  Whether you are regretting your tattoo or want it removed to make way for a new design, we can arrange removal at your convenience.