How to reduce excessive underarm perspiration

Scorching hot weather is not something people living in Northern Ireland are overly accustomed to! Each year we eagerly anticipate even a small outbreak of sunshine to lay back and soak up the rays.  Now that the summer months are upon us we have been fortunate enough to experience a spate of great weather; tan lines and rosy-red skin can be seen throughout the region. But, now that the sun has passed we’re left with unbearable humidity.

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Underarm perspiration, for most people, is incredibly unpleasant. But for those suffering from excessive sweating as an ongoing condition they can often feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. Luckily, at Laserase Medical Belfast we have the ideal treatment for alleviating the physical symptoms of excessive underarm perspiration.

Excessive underarm perspiration is a condition many sufferers are extremely self-conscious of. At Laserase Medical, using a simple muscle relaxant, we offer an effective treatment with long-lasting results that can help restore confidence.

To treat underarm perspiration, our highly qualified team at Laserase Medical inject small amounts of muscle relaxant in a grid pattern across the affected area. It’s as simple as that!

Within a few days you will begin to notice the treatment take effect with a considerable reduction in underarm perspiration compared with pre-treatment perspiration levels.

This treatment can be repeated as often as necessary. However, the treatment can last for approximately 6 months and select clients have reported treatments lasting even longer.

If you would like to find out more information about our underarm perspiration treatment, then call us today and book in for an initial consultation. Our experienced staff at Laserase Medical will talk through any concerns you may have and give a detailed step-by-step outline of the treatment.

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