Tattoo Removal Belfast , Northern Ireland – It’s Easy and Safe!

Tattoos are a popular form of body art. Flaunting a tattoo is no less than a fashion statement; even celebrities love to show them off. While there could be many reasons for getting a tattoo on your body, sometimes the same piece of body art you once flaunted proudly may not seem to be a style statement.

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This is when you start thinking about tattoo removal seriously. Although there are several procedures available for tattoo removal Northern Ireland wide, the laser technology has emerged as an effective and most popular alternative.

How is laser technology different from other tattoo removal methods in Belfast?

Our body is unable to remove the larger particles of pigment that have been scattered through the lower layer of skin, known as dermis. So, it isolates them from the surrounding tissues with the help of a protective collagen. The laser light breaks up these collagen capsules, breaking down the clumps of pigment into smaller fragments. Once the laser sessions end, the body’s natural defense mechanism finds it easy to remove the smaller particles of pigment gradually over a period of time. When compared to other methods of tattoo removal like surgical excision, skin grafting and dermabrasion that causes serious scarring, laser technology does not result into any rupturing, burning or lasting damage to skin.

The Types of Laser Used for Tattoo Removal at Laserease Medical in Northern Ireland

In most cases, there is a range of colours present in a tattoo, although some may just include dark colours like black or blue. Please note that no one type of laser can remove all colours. This is because a particular laser can affect only one specific wavelength in the colour spectrum. For instance, Q-switched ruby laser mainly targets dark blue and black inks; it can also remove green inks but in varying degrees. Dye lasers are used to remove purple, red and orange inks. So, make sure the skincare clinic you choose for tattoo removal in Belfast, Northern Ireland has the experience of using a number of lasers and can effectively deal with colour tattoos. Also, you may check their success rate. It is considered that 95% removal is good enough.

The Process of Tattoo Removal in Belfast

A reputed laser and skincare clinic first offers an initial consultation and examination to determine the cost and number of laser sessions required and to plan the treatment. Factors such as the size of tattoo, colours used and the type would decide the number of sessions that you may need to undergo. An experienced and qualified practitioner would be able to plan the treatment process for you. The sessions are usually spaced at 8-12 week intervals to allow the body’s natural resistance to remove as much pigmentation as possible.

So, if you want to remove those tattoos in a safe way, it is advisable to locate a reputed clinic with years of experience in tattoo removal. One such clinic is Laserase Medical Skincare, we can boast the best tattoo removal Northern Ireland can offer. Here trained practitioners have been removing tattoos since 1993 under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Donal McKeown- a graduate of Queens University Medical School, Belfast. We enjoy a high success rate in our laser tattoo removal Belfast clinic.