Tattoo Removal in Belfast

Tattoos that seemed a good idea at the time, very often can become regrettable mistakes for whatever reason. Occasionally the chosen tattoo does not turn out as planned or a change of mind can occur after the event. Fortunately now there is a solution. We no longer have to live with tattoos we have grown to dislike, or perhaps a tattoo that was "cool" when you were 19, at the age of 40 may to you be very "uncool".

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At Laserase Medical Skincare on Belfast’s Antrim Road we have been removing tattoos since 1993 with excellent results. Over the years various products or solutions to tattoo removal have come onto the market but research has shown and the medical journals will verify that the treatment of choice yielding the best results for removing tattoos is laser. Yet here again, the market has been flooded with lasers, some better than others. At Laserase we did extensive research before purchasing a laser exclusively designed for eradication of tattoos, and we bought the best on the market for this procedure.

Removing tattoos is a medical procedure and in our clinic highly trained doctors and nurse laser specialists perform the treatment ensuring the highest possible standard of care and achieving excellent results.

So often customers have told us they had initially gone somewhere else that was offering cheaper treatment but ultimately came to us having wasted money on the cheaper options, proving the adage, “you get what you pay for”. Most of our customers come to Laserase because they have been recommended to do so by friends or family members as it is well known we deliver the results we promise. Our treatments at Laserase have stood the test of time, the reason we have been in existence since 1993 providing the highest standard of medical care.

Tattoos have been around for many centuries and tattooing is undoubtedly a highly skilled art form. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Among our customers are tattoo aficionados very often getting a tattoo removed to replace with a different one.

Regardless of the size or shape they can be removed as can most colours. No one laser can remove the various colours and this is why at Laserase we have a number of lasers to tackle the eradication of different colours.

Cost is a thorny issue in these days of recession. However, we provide a payment plan and with treatments spaced at 2 or 3 monthly intervals this makes tattoo removal Belfast treatments more easily affordable.

Take the first step of telephoning for a consultation which is presently free of charge. Then, when the treatment process starts the tattoo will begin to fade gradually until with each subsequent treatment it will continue to fade until it eventually disappears. What could be more simpler?