Tattoos Removal at Laserase Medical Belfast

Are you jet setting over the coming months, or have that all-important family wedding to attend?

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With the summer holiday season almost upon us many are pushing their bodies to the limits in gyms throughout Northern Ireland to achieve their desired beach body, while others are probably thinking of the best way to conceal aged, outdated and undesirable tattoos during the sweltering sunshine. At Laserase Medical, we have the latest in tattoo removal technology and have successfully removed hundreds of unwanted tattoos during our twenty years of service.

Using the latest in tattoo removal technology, the Q-Switched Yag Laser, you too can join thousands of others throughout the UK and Ireland who have had tattoos successfully removed.

Unlike traditional methods of tattoo removal such as surgical excision, skin grafting and dermabrasion, the Q-Switched Yag Laser for tattoo removal works in a non-abrasive or damaging way.

With our collection of Q-Switch Yag Lasers we can successfully remove tattoos of all shapes, sizes and colours. Our laser treatment works by breaking large patches of pigmentation beneath the upper layers of the dermis into smaller, manageable particles. Once broken down into smaller particles your body’s natural defences will kick in and gradually eliminate them. You will notice the pigmentation of your tattoo continually fade over the course of several sessions scheduled in 8-12 week intervals. Don’t hide or suffer silently as we can help restore your confidence!

If you would like to find out more information about tattoo removal, then call us today and book in for an initial consultation. Our experienced staff at Laserase Medical will talk through any concerns you may have as they give a detailed step-by-step outline of the treatment.

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