Ever thought about what it would be like to never have to shave, wax, or pluck hair again? For centuries, people have struggled to remove unwanted hair with all kinds of methods; most of them time-consuming, labour-intensive, expensive, and (unfortunately) never really permanent. Laser hair removal has eliminated the need for all those outdated methods and offers a much faster, much less painful, and much more permanent solution.

  • You may have thought this option was only for the rich and famous, but that’s no longer true.
  • You may have heard people say that it is excruciatingly painful, and that’s also not true.

At our Belfast based clinic we’re here to tell you that hair removal using laser technology is now completely safe, effective, and it can be permanent. It’s also far more affordable than you might think, so it’s time to take a second look for yourself. Make certain that you only visit a qualified medical centre for laser hair removal rather than any average beauty salon. When you visit our clinic you can rest assured that you are receiving the best laser hair removal Belfast has to offer.

While pain tolerance is subjective, many patients describe their treatment sessions with us as similar to getting an isolated hot stone massage. Most patients claim the feeling is far less painful than what they experienced when waxing their hair off.

To understand how laser hair removal works and to schedule an appointment, call us on 028 9077 7772 or fill out our online form.

Where does it work?

You may be wondering, which places on your body are ideally suited for laser hair removal. It is ideal for removing hair from:

  • Arms and underarms
  • Legs and feet
  • Bikini lines and even Brazilian
  • Back and shoulders
  • Body and stomach
  • Face, neck, even eyebrows

Anywhere you typically pluck, shave, or wax, you can have complete freedom of unwanted hair anywhere on your body. Even sensitive places, like the upper lip, chest, and bikini line are ideal because the process involves a short series of treatments, and you’re done.

Just think how quickly you can get ready for work in the mornings – you can actually sleep a little longer! Think about all the money you’ll save over a lifetime of razors and razor blades, wax and waxing appointments, and even tweezers. Think about how quickly you can get showered and back at work after workouts!

Laser hair removal has eliminated the need (and the expense) for traditional hair removal treatments and it offers a convenient alternative with real, lasting results.

Pricelist (per treatment)

Consultation (Including Patch Test): £15

Female –

Prices from:

Lip:                   £35

Lip & Chin:     £70

Full Face:        £90

Neck Front:    £50

Centre Brow:  £25

Underarm:      £60

Forearms:       £70

Bikini:              £65-85

Abdomen:        £70

Lower Leg:     £100 per leg

Upper Leg:     £100 per leg

Male – 

Prices from:

Full Face:        £130

Neck:               £70

Centre Brow: £30

Forearms:      £80

Chest:             £100

Shoulders:     £80

Back                £200

Upper Back    £100


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