Gone are the days when a man’s toiletries bag would contain, at a push, shower gel, some shaving cream and a deodorant. Nowadays you might find a moisturiser, a facial cleanser and maybe even an eye serum in there too. In the world of men’s grooming, times are changing…and dramatically so.

Men’s grooming is booming

Men are paying more attention to their looks than ever. According to The Independent, men’s grooming is now a multi-billion pound industry with the global market estimated to be worth about US €21.4 billion (Statista.com 2016). The big cosmetics brands, well-versed in marketing their products towards women, are tapping into this market with more and more product ranges hitting the shelves for men to choose from. With all the skincare products for men and other procedures available today, there is no reason why men shouldn’t get in on the act by investing in a little ‘maintenance’ from time to time.

Maintenance and Masculinity                                      

Men like to strike a healthy balance between making an effort to look their best while maintaining their masculinity. For this reason, many men prefer to shop online for their skincare products, which would indicate that, when it comes to men’s grooming, discretion and minimal fuss are very important. Although most men participate in the general ‘maintenance’ essentials, such as shaving and hair-styling, many are taking grooming a step further by trying different treatments such as massages or facials. The numbers of men opting for more long term procedures to improve their appearance is also on the increase.

Looking good in the business world

There is growing pressure on men to look young and healthy in the boardroom or at the office. In the business world, where the workforce is getting younger, many men nowadays are trying to keep their youthful and dynamic appearance.  In the 2010 article by The Independent, ‘If you want to get ahead get anti-wrinkle injections,’ it was noted that during the financial crisis of the same time, more and more men turned to treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections and other non-surgical procedures to stop them from looking tired or worried and to help them to keep their jobs or to succeed in interviews.

According to figures released by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (Baaps), the number of men who had cosmetic surgery last year almost doubled from the previous decade. However there has been a big increase in the number of people undergoing non-surgical procedures, an area which seems to be where the biggest uptake for men.

The subtle but significant enhancements to the appearance that can be achieved through non-surgical procedures such as anti-wrinkle injections, and derma fillers, are very popular with men, as they produce understated but very positive results giving men the confidence they need to perform better in the workplace.

Non-Surgical Treatments

Non-surgical treatments are “injectables” (anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers etc.), laser treatments, facials and prescription skincare regimes. There has been a slight decrease in surgical procedures for men but the increase in non-surgical procedures for men has been almost 50% year on year.

Other men’s grooming treatments, such as hair removal by laser or by waxing, are also becoming more popular, with the chest and back being the most common problem areas for excessive hair.

Enhance your appearance at Laserase

Laserase Medical Skincare offers a wide choice of treatments to enhance your appearance and to meet your men’s grooming needs.  Laser hair removal, probably the most popular procedure with our male clients, can treat many problem areas, and is often considered to be a less painful option than waxing.

Other treatments popular with our male patients are;

  •  Tattoo removal
  • Botox
  • Thread Vein removal
  • Treatment for excessive sweating
  • Medical Skin peels
  • And the Removal of birthmarks and pigmentation

At Laserase Medical Skincare we guarantee a professional service and all our procedures are carried out by highly experienced medical professionals. All patients have access to an aftercare consultation to ensure the highest possible standard of treatment.

Why Choose Laserase for Your Skincare Needs?

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Orla Q.

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